Deal Overview:

Many may look at small items like this 32-gb Micro-SD card that goes to modern electronics and think, “Seriously? What does this have to do with preparedness?” The reason is simple: Information. These Micro-SD cards can be used to build a survival & preparedness library, back up family photo’s, save copies of important documents – or all of the above. Fill one up – throw it in an old phone – and you have one hell of a resource.

So easy – a caveman would do it.

Current price is under $9.99


  • Ideal for premium Android based smartphones and tablets
  • Up to 80 MB/s transfer speed, comes with SD adapter for use in cameras
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, shock proof, X-ray proof and magnet proof – RUGGED!
  • Memory Zone app lets you auto-manage media and memory for peak phone performance, Ten-year limited warranty
  • Note: Refer the Installation Manual under the Technical Specification for Trouble shooting purpose.

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ONLY $9.99