Preparedness Deal o the Day: HCMags HC3R .22LR 45rd Magazines was created to let preparedness-minded folks know about some crazy good deals around the ‘net. Dollars are tough to come by nowadays – figured we would help my fellow man (and women) stretch them as far as possible. So – take a gander at the deal of the day and feel free to let us know what you think.

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HCMags HC3R .22LR 45rd Magazines – less than $35.00!!



Product Details:

Excellent magazine for the Ruger 10/22. Get them now while you still can. FREE SHIPPING!!!

HCMags patent pending design of the HC3R magazine makes it the first of its kind to bring high capacity together with reliability, easy loading and cartridge storage in a single, high quality unit.

Made of durable polymer, the HC3R has a capacity of 25-rounds with a convenient “ammo pocket” to store an additional 20-rounds. The patent pending thumb assist allows easy feeding round 25 loads as smoothly as the first round. Then, when all rounds are expended the removable HC3R stripper Clip allows for rapid reloading. Lift out the clip with 20-rounds, lock the thumb assist in the lower position, insert the HC3R stripper Clip, release the thumb assist and in seconds the magazine is loaded and ready to.



  • Constructed of high impact formulated composite resin body; not glued plastic
  • Hardened Stainless steel feed lips and fasteners
  • Easily disassembled/assembled for cleaning
  • Reliable single stack configuration
  • Anodized thumb assist for ease of loading
  • HC3R stripper Clip for instantaneous reload
  • Integrated ammo pocket to store up to 20 additional rounds on-board
  • Constant-force spring for smooth feeding



  • Length 8.5” Weight (Unloaded) 6.1oz
  • High Impact composite resin body.
  • MIM Stainless steel feed lips.
  • Product Packaged in clam shell.
  • Thumb assist accessible to consumer without removing product
  • Includes magazine and extra stripper clip.

Compatible with:

  • Ruger 10/22, 77/22, SR-22,
  • AMT Lightning



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