Preparedness Deal of the Day: AR-15 .223 20rd Thermold Mag & Coupler Set

Thanks to Jeanette for alerting us of this great deal.

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 $11.99 for 2 – 20 rd magazines and a coupler? YES!


 – – Product Description – – 

Brand New • 2-Thermold Mags & 1-Coupler Set • Includes (2) AR-15 .223 20rd Thermold Master Molder Military LE Mags & (1) 20rd Coupler



Prices could change anytime……

Remember back in 2008 when 20 and 30 round magazine prices were going out the roof? It is liable to happen again. At these prices it is well worth it to stock up!!! 
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1 comment

  1. Jeanette

    I ordered on Monday and had them in my hands on Thursday. They are brand new and work great.

    This weekend they are running a special on these for for $8.99 limit 3 plus a specail on shipping for all ordereds under $200 and free shipping o for orders over $200.

    On my first oder they included their newest catalogue, a free pair of Winchester yellow tinted shooting safety glasses and 10 pairs of ear plugs.

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