Preparedness Deal of the Day: Energizer LED Headlamp under $5.00

No Online Buying Today…..Check Your Local Wal-Mart


THE DEAL: Energizer LED Headlamp Flashlight for less than $5.00. 


Above: As you will find it at Wal-Mart


Above: Out of the package and ready to go.


Above: Padded surface comfortable against your forehead.

These small and durable lights are inexpensive and very handy. At less than $5.00 several can be purchased and placed on bug out bags and glove compartments. They are also handy to work hands free.

At 8 lumens this is not the super bright tactical rescue light that can be purchased for well over $100. However – it is very usable and will easily light your way through a dark house or vehicle.

$4.95 – Great Deal!!!!!!!

How to get it for under $5.00? Simple……

          1. Drive to your local Wal-Mart
          2. Walk to the flashlight department
          3. Grab a few!!!!
          4. Enjoy…….

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