Preparedness Deal of the Day: ‘SURVIVALIST’ Magazine was created to let preparedness-minded folks know about some crazy good deals around the ‘net. Dollars are tough to come by nowadays – figured we would help my fellow man (and women) stretch them as far as possible. So – take a gander at the deal of the day and feel free to let us know what you think.

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I can guarantee that no one loves magazines more than me. Back in the 80’s and 90’s there were several survival magazines that could be purchased off the shelf. Today? Well – I haven’t seen it at the newsstand yet but it is available via subscription. It is simply called…..SURVIVALIST.

Originally released under the name Complete Survivalist – I was an original subscriber. Every two months a new issue arrives in my mailbox. So far – I have been very impressed with the content.



 That’s only $2.49 per issue!!!


Here are some examples from the first 5 issues:

ISSUE #5: Surviving Martial Law, Interview with James Wesley- Rawles, Collapse Communications, Survival Gold & Silver, Economic Collapse Investing, CDC Flu Propaganda, Collapse Medicine Pt. 2: Practical Suture Lab, Survival Preparation: Is Your Family On Board?, The Night the Lights Went Out, Surviving an EMP, Builts to Last: Top Alternative Building Methods, 10 Essential Oils for Your Natural Medical Kit, Did Western Civilization Peak in the Early 1970’s, Frugal Firelighting, Product Spotlight and More!




ISSUE #4: A Medical Education for Every Age, Making and Using a Colloidal Silver Generator, The Folding Utility Knife as an EDC Tool, The Next Super Bug, Daily Habits to Boost Your Immune Function, Basic Survival Hygiene, How to Build a Blowout Kit, Treating Chronic Disease WITHOUT Pharmaceuticals, Fitness for When SHTF, Inexpensive Luxuries for the Get Home Bag, High Speed-Low Drag: Tips for Concealed Carry, Nutrients for Healthy Survival, Wild Edibles, The Beck Protocol, FDA’s Shelf-Life Lie, Collapse Medicine:How to Suture Wounds, Survival Group Medic: The Needs Assessment and More!


ISSUE #3: Dry Bulk Food Storage, Growing & Processing Raw Wheat Sprouts, Cooking with Solar Power, Home Distilling – The Spirit of Self-Reliance, The Survival Garden, How to Never Run Out of Food, Weeds for Natural Health, Saving Money Around the Homestead, Dairy Goats: A Sustainable Food Supply, Making Your Water Safe to Drink, The Lost Art of Root Cellars, Our Barnyard Friends, Don’t Throw That Away, How to Build an Earthbag Survival Shelter, Home Security and Invasion Countermeasures, Review: Izula Gear Mini Survival Wallet and More!



ISSUE #2: John’s Handgun Picks, .22 Magnum- Best Survival Rifle?, The Shotgun: Basic Survival Tool, Shot Shells 101, Seven Sensible Strategies for Teaching Gun Safety, Reloading for Survival Situations, Air Rifle Survival: an Alternative to Traditional Firearms, The Surprise & Distance of Self Defense, Back Country Blades: The Knives No Survivalist Should Be Without, Survival Blade Honorable Mentions & Reviews: M&P15R – Smith & Wesson’s AR-15 Upper Assembly and the Parry Blade.



ISSUE #1: Special Premier Issue Reprint Features: The Only True Currency in a Post-Collapse World, Surviving in the Free State, Down to Nothing: Finding Food When You’re Desperate, On Survivalism – Preparedness – and Self-Reliance, Homeschooling: A Family Matter, What Are You Gonna Do About a Nuclear Threat or Device, Antibiotics: Why You Should Store Them and How to Get Them Without a Prescription, Lone Wolf Syndrome, plus Book Review: American Apocalypse; The Beginning, and more!




 At $2.49 per issue – it is a DEAL!

If interested – click HERE for more information.

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