Preparedness Deal of the Day: Whole Egg Powder – $15.99 a can

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Whole Egg Powder – 40 oz.

Eggs are so taken for granted by many preppers. An excellent source of protein and used in many recipes – eggs are absolutely invaluable!!

Emergency Essentials has a few days left on their sale and these cans of whole egg powder is part of it. This is a large can of whole egg powder packed for long term storage for only $15.99 (regular price is $21.50).

A great addition to any food storage program.


THE DEAL: Emergency Essentials is having a special sale for the month of February on Whole Egg Powder – $15.99 per can (regular price $21.50).

(Further discounts on orders of 12 or more cans.)


French Toast Recipe using whole egg powder:

MIX:      3 TBS powedered eggs       1 TBS sugar       1/4 c. powdered milk

ADD:      1 ts. vanilla          1/4 ts. nutmeg        1/2 c. water

Dip the bread in the mixture and fry as normal. Make sure you use plenty of oil in the pan.


Customer Comments…….

 –  Saturday, February 04, 2012
Great Product
Reviewed By: M (Dallas, TX)
We use these eggs for all our baking needs and have never had a failure yet. Next up we need to try them as scrambled eggs. Thanks EE.

 –  Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Great for baking, and eating cookie dough
Reviewed By: Stacy A (Orem, Ut)
I love these eggs. I think that some products, especially brownies, turn out better with these eggs than with fresh ones. I’ve found that I sometimes have to add a little bit more water to get the right consistency, but they turn out great. I have several cans in my storage, and I use them regularly.

 –  Friday, July 29, 2011
Good for Picky Eaters
Reviewed By: Dawn (Las vegas, nv)
I have picky eaters, took these to the mountains. Did not tell them they were powdered follow instruction exactly, added salt peper and chopped onions. The said it was great then I told them it was powder eggs they were surprised. Next day made french toast, with milk and vanilia and touch of sugar. Got great reviews, from now on we are camping with this product easy to use.

Hungry yet?

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