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These Extra Large Ferro Rods are a beast! With a good scraper, they throw a massive amount of sparks and molten globs! Plus with the size of them, they’re VERY easy to hold and will last for thousands and thousands of scrapes. Each comes with a hole to add a lanyard (paracord works perfectly).

Current price is only $15.99

ferro rod, fire starting, camping


  • Waterproof & Weatherproof, Light Fires In Any Conditions
  • Super Thick Rod Provide You A Decent Shower Of Sparks To Light Fires Instanly
  • Durable For This Super Thick Rod Lasts More Than 12,000 Strikes
  • Drilled A Lanyard Hold Perfect For DIY Your Own Survival Kit
  • Pack Of Two, Super Value Pack with Unbeatable Factory Pricing,A Great Gift For ALL Outdoor Survival Sports Lovers

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ONLY $15.99