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Preparedness Deal of the Day: Cake?

 Unique Food Storage Idea’s

- – - MRE Desserts, MRE Accessories, & MRE Drinks – - - 

MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) are a great choice to include in your emergency food supply program. MRE’s are best known for their use by the US military. Pre-cooked and easy to prepare, MRE’s also have a long shelf life of between 7 and 10 years.

Full MRE meals are great to have and  individual components can also be purchased. This “Deal of the Day” focuses on the unique desserts, drinks and other items that are often included in the full meal. These are inexpensive and a great addition to any food storage program.

Here we go:

MRE Dessert Vanilla Pound Cake

The MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Dessert Vanilla Pound Cake is a delicious dessert to add to any food storage. The Vanilla Pound Cake is a great snack to have while backpacking, hiking or camping.

$1.25 each

MRE Dessert Marble Pound Cake

The MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Dessert Marble Pound Cake is a delicious dessert to add to any food storage. The Marble Pound Cake receives great reviews.

$1.25 each

MRE Drink Mix Sugar-Free Lemonade

Great for kids and adults lunch boxes, 72-hour kits/backpacks and long=term food storage.

.40 cents each




MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) Accessory- Peanut Butter

MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) Accessory- Peanut Butter

The Peanut Butter MRE Accessory is a great snack to have while camping, hiking, or backpacking.

.75 cents each




MRE Accessory- Cheese Spread

MRE Accessory- Cheese Spread

The MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) C...

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Provident Pantry® Dehydrated Hashbrown Potatoes 6 lb Bag $19.99 was created to let preparedness-minded folks know about some crazy good deals around the ‘net. Dollars are tough to come by nowadays – figured we would help my fellow man (and women) stretch them as far as possible. So – take a gander at the deal of the day and feel free to let us know what you think.

                 - – - Team BPD


Provident Pantry Dehydrated Potatoes – 6 pounds!!

Regular $29.99    SALE: $19.99         


Product Details:

Serve these hash brown potatoes as a side with your breakfast or turn them into a delicious casserole. Versatile, hearty, and pre-seasoned. 6-lb. bag. 

  • These hash brown potatoes are great to use for breakfast, in casseroles, as a side dish, or any other way you like them.
  • Heat-sealed in a metallized, zip-top bag.
  • Each 6-pound bag makes approximately 144 2/3-cup servings of deliciously seasoned hash browns.

Note: These hash browns are a natural cut with some peel.




The first time I tried these potatoes I was won over…delicious. But a few days later my wife made a breakfast casserole…OMG. Do yourself a favor, if you like hashbrowns, try a bag.

Posted on 8/29/13 by Greg


These are the best hashbrowns I have ever eaten. Even BETTER than Waffle House, and I LOVE Waffle House hashbrowns.

Posted on 1/31/13 by Nancy


These hashbrowns are delicious. They rehydrate and cook up easily according to the directions. The suggested size was a bit small for our family, so we double that part of the directions. Unlike other reviewers, our bags had NO puncture holes, even though the box was dented. I have checked the bags several times since I purchased them, still airtight. Also, the resealable closure makes them handy for regular use.

Posted on 11/5/12 by Dianne

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